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It’s time to branch out into other Workouts and put my new tracker: Moov Now to the test. Today’s blog will focus on another Workout that Moov gives you access to: Cardio Boxing!

I visit a martial arts gym, so I am familiar with the terms that Moov uses in the workouts. If you have never boxed before it might take a bit of getting used to: guard, jabs, uppercuts, hooks and so on.

To really benefit from a Boxing Workout you will need 2 Move Now’s – one for each wrist. You can use the program with Moov strapped around one wrist, but the App will only register the moves you make with that arm and not with the other. Not a big deal: I have only one and that worked well but for this workout I could be tempted to buy a second one.

The program uses different symbols for different punches, and it’s easy to get the hang of. You will see them move towards you as circles and arrows and you’ll need to hit them as they approach, not unlike a video game. Just follow the beat of the music. It will also show you the correct position to place your feet. The longer the program lasts, the faster the hits follow one another, so you’ll need to stay on top of your game. You need to be light on your feet as the coach will tell you to keep bouncing as you throw punches.

The coaching is actually quite good – Moov tracks the movements that you make and also reminds you of your stand and posture. “Relax your shoulder, breath out when you punch, rotate your hips, uppercuts at 90 degrees etc” I would recommend to place your phone on a high shelf, so you can look straight ahead and keep your punches straight and lined up with your shoulders. If you place your phone below your eyes, you’ll need to look down which strains your back and shoulder muscles. Moov displays a warning about that at the start of the program.

I am disappointed that there is no Open Boxing Workout available in the App. This means I can’t track my regular classes other than as generic activity (which is unreliable). I find this an omission that Moov could easily correct and that would allow me to track Workouts more accurately. Submitted as suggestion to the Moov Team.

Cardio Boxing will allow you to choose your level, which I don’t think is a wise move. It’s best to start at the beginner level and proof yourself. The programs are fun, easy to learn and will provide a strenuous workout that leaves you breathless if you do it well. Also a workout that you can easily perform while traveling (more on that in the next post).

Happy Boxing! (and Running!)

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