Running in Boston (Take 2)

If you follow my blog, you know that I have a soft spot for Boston and I visit as often as I can. During a previous stay, I ran from from my hotel near the Inner Harbor to Boston Common.

This time I wanted to run along the water. I started at South Station and ran through Chinatown. The streets are narrow and lots of tourists wander around so it wasn’t the best start as I tried to avoid collisions. But great test of my reflexes.

I continued through Boston Common which was very busy for a Saturday, and then made my way to the waterfront. The Charles River Esplanade is a runner’s dream: great view, a cooling breeze from the water and a choice of running in the sun or the shade. You’ll share the path with runners, bikers, skaters and families out on a walk, so don’t try to run your season’s best, just enjoy the fact that everyone is having a good time.

I normally run a 5k, and even though I wanted to run around Boston, I knew that was too long if I was going to include the Waterfront Walk. So I decided to run via Cross Street to get to the Inner Harbor side of town. I picked the Waterfront Walk up at Christopher Columbus Park and just followed the signs. The Walk is broad and even though there are packs of tourists, you’ll have more than enough space to overtake them.

This was a full circle run and I ended it where I started from: South Station. If you are in Boston and looking for a 10k run, this one is lovely. Don’t forget to bring enough water. I didn’t so had to stop to buy more as I underestimated the heath. You’ll catch lots of rays so slather on the sunscreen.

Happy Running!

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