Running in New York

When I travel, I always try to fit in a run to see some sights that I have not seen before. And even though I’ve visited New York a few times, I had not run along the Hudson River. So that had to be remedied.

It was August and very warm, and I had to run early morning. I started close to my hotel and ran through the Garment district in the direction of the water. I didn’t plan out my run, I just took off in the direction of the river and crossed the streets wherever I came out. Tip: not the safest way for a run, so I wouldn’t recommend you do that.

While the City part of the run wasn’t anything worth repeating, once I crossed 12th Avenue to the path along the river, that more than made up for the first 3k. The sun came up during my run and I had the best view of the New Jersey shore line.

I took the picture above from the Hudson River Park at Pier 84, where you can take the path on to the Pier and run to the water line. I finished my run at the Manhattan Cruise Terminal and walked back to my hotel.

When you go for a run in Manhattan, be mindful of the bike lanes: there are some lanes that combine both directions on one side of the road, so don’t forget to look left and right when you cross. I narrowly avoided a ‘runner meets biker’ collision because I only looked one way…

Happy Running!

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