Running: What To Wear?

It’s getting cold where I live so that means soon I will have to get out my winter gear to run outside. I don’t particularly like running in the freezing cold but I’ve got to get the miles done and I don’t always want to go the gym.

Once I read an article (can’t remember where) that had the following advice: when you go for a run, always dress like it’s 10 degrees Celsius warmer than it really is. So when it’s 15C/60F degrees, dress in shorts and a shirt as if it were 25C/77F degrees out there. If you dress too warm, shortly after you start running, you will want to shed layers and it’s not comfortable running with extra clothes tied around your waist.

I followed that advice because it sounded practical – and also because shortly before I struggled through a 5k because I was dressed too warm wearing long tights. And because I felt unfulfilled after that run, I went home, changed into lighter gear including shorts and ran another 7k. Nothing like a good mad to help you overachieve…

The chart below gives some good advice for dressing in line with the weather.

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