Running with Moov

The irony of writing a blog on my new tracker right after I published a post how running without trackers is more fun is not lost on me. But you could also say that if a tracker is able to convince me, it must be special! And yes, Moov is cool!

I stumbled upon Moov Now on Twitter and I read their website. And because Moov covers two of my sports, running and boxing, and is reasonably priced ($59), I decided to order one.

Moov can track your open workouts, or you have a choice of guided workouts covering Running, Boxing, Cycling, Swimming, HIIT and Circuit Training. All workouts have multiple levels and you can unlock a next level by showing mastery of the current level. Meaning that Moov does not let you choose the toughest workout without checking that you are ready for it. The App comes with a guided approach – it uses data from Moov Now to correct your posture and improve your results. And since I had the feeling my running form was not quite where I needed it to be, resulting in less happy runs than I was used to, some guidance seemed like a good idea to me, although I was quite curious if Moov would live up to its promise.

Unboxing Moov

Moov Now is delivered in a small box. You can choose from a variety of colours and I decided on Aqua Blue. Moov is ready to use and the coin battery is included. When you unbox Moov, you’ll find 2 silicone bands, one small and one large, and a booklet to get you started.

You’ll need to download the App to your iPhone (or Android) and set up an account. Then you press Moov between two fingers to sync via Bluetooth and that’s it. Setup is easy and straightforward. In my case, Moov needed a firmware update, which took a few minutes and then I was ready to go.

Normally you use the large band around your ankle and the small band on your wrist and you insert Moov as you go. Because I have narrow wrists and ankles, the shorter band fits around my ankle too. The band snaps into place by clicking the clasp into two of the holes. I’ve read that for some people the ankle band came off during runs, but that has not happened to me. And if you are afraid of losing Moov, you can easily cover it with a sock. I am curious how long the silicon band will hold up before it breaks, but for now all is well.

The main reason why I don’t like to wear a tracker is that they are often bulky: even an Apple Watch is thicker than I like. They are also heavy. Not so with Moov – the silicon band is lightweight and you will hardly notice it is there. The Moov designers made a very clever choice by opting for a coin battery instead of a power plug. I like that I don’t have to recharge the battery (six months on a coin supposedly) and there is not need for a power connection so Moov is waterproof.

My first impression is that this is a good quality product for a fair price. I bought Moov to track workouts and sleep and it does that well: a fit for purpose, non-obtrusive health tracker. The App shows an abundance of data: everything you ever wanted to know about your workout. You can extend Moov Now with a separate heart rate monitor but I’m quite happy as-is and so for the moment, Moov Now is all I need.

Now I’m off to test Moov Now. Back soon with the verdict.

Happy Running!

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