About Miss Ace

While staying at a hotel near Boston, I went to the gym at 5am to use the tread mill. As I was halfway through my usual 5k a man came in. He had to be well in his seventies and arrived on cross-country skis. I greeted him and the man said “Good morning, you look in fightin’ shape”. I have never enjoyed a compliment more!

I lead a busy life and I travel the world for work. A few years ago, I started having trouble sleeping and suffered from insomnia. Some nights I would not sleep at all, and lay awake till morning, during others I would wake up around 3am unable to fall back to sleep. I felt tired and brain-fogged all the time.

As I am a problem-solving girl, this site shares all the things I did to overcome my insomnia. For me the only thing that really works consistently is running! I ran at different periods in my life, but never seriously pursued it until I found out how it helped me get my body back in shape and my insomnia under control. I feel so much better. Oh, and sleep through the night!

I also practice martial arts. Combined with running it has helped me to get in the best shape ever – I have great muscle tone, can eat everything I want and not gain an ounce. And best of all, I sleep soundly, even when I travel trough time zones.

“Run the World” is my mantra. I hope you will enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy running. Please leave a comment and share your thoughts with me.

Thanks for visiting,
Miss Ace