It’s A Big World. I’m Running It.

A few days ago I saw this new running video. ASICS is starting a global advertising campaign, ‘It’s a big world. Go run it.’ The campaign wants to inspire people around the world to get up and explore running. No matter what the reason or the motivation, there are always roads to run and places to visit: in cities, in nature, in the country and on the mountains. It doesn’t matter where you live or what your circumstances are, you can always go run it (and wear ASICS gear of course).

The commercial struck a cord with me because it reminded me of the many places I have visited, and where I ran. I ran while at the university, when I lived abroad, simply because I did not have the money to join a gym. Later, I ran to work off some of my work frustration. Today, I run because it keeps my insomnia manageable and helps me stay in shape. Because I travel a lot, and running is a fun way to see some sights during work travel.

So for me, no matter the reason or the place, I run through life. I’m not striving to run marathons or dazzle you with personal bests. I run because I like it, even though sometimes I hate it. If I haven’t run for a few days I get restless, so it’s better for everyone involved that I put on my running shoes and go out for a while.

While I’m running the world, I thought to start sharing some of the routes I ran so you can run them too. I hope you enjoy it just as much I do.

Happy Running!

PS: Picture and video (C) ASICS

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