Running in Clearwater Beach

Spending a week in Clearwater Beach: what’s not to like? I stayed in a hotel right on the beach, which has the finest, whitest sand you’ve ever seen. Even though it was a work trip, my schedule had more than enough free time to enjoy the beach.

I saw many people run in the afternoon but temperatures were seasonably high and I preferred early morning for my runs: the streets were super quiet, I met a few doormen cleaning the pavement but other than that not a sole. The picture above was taken at 6am from the top of the bridge before everyone woke up.

Running in Clearwater Beach is simple: you take Mandalay south, then run the boulevard and follow onto S. Gulfview Boulevard until you meet the bridge connecting the North end to the South end of the island. Part of the north island has a boulevard lining the beach, so can enjoy the Gulf view. Shortly before you hit the bridge the hotels start blocking your view – you can’t run on the beach any further.

The bridge is a very gradual slope – be warned because it is longer than you think! I did not find Gulf Boulevard at the South end very interesting: you can only run next to the road, and building blocks your view of the water. If you want to go for a longer run I suggest running around the North end twice – much better views!

On your way back, once you exit the bridge, go straight and you’ll end up at the other end of the island. Take a left onto Bayway Boulevard. Here you’ll enjoy a view of the marina and the many boats that are docked there. Follow S. Hamden Drive until it meets Mandalay and you’ve come full circle: about 5k. If you’re up for a 10k just go north on Mandalay until it ends near the water. You can’t get lost!

Happy running!



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