Running in Jacksonville

On a work trip I spent a few nights in Jacksonville, Florida. I had hoped to schedule a run a the beach but unfortunately that did not happen. While i was there, there were thunderstorms every afternoon so it was hot and humid and I couldn’t go out for a run.

So I had to make do with what was convenient and that was to run around St Johns mall which was next to my hotel. There are better things than to run around a parking lot so I went early in the morning, while it was warm and humid without thunderstorms. The good thing about it though was that I could run in a short and shorts at 6am in the morning, and I enjoyed the warmth. The mall was completely void of people, I only passed an occasional security guard.

On the odd chance that you will ever be in the vicinity and unable to run at the beach I include a running map. Running around the mall was about 3k so I doubled back and ran it twice. I won’t be offended if you never have to use it – there are far more interesting places to run!

Happy Running!

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