Running in Orlando

I was in Orlando for a conference and I had a full schedule, starting at breakfast all the way up to dinner. So I had to schedule my run before dawn, while it was still dark. The hotel had a great gym, but when it’s nice and warm I like to run outside. I realized that running in the dark might not be the safest and smartest thing to do so I went down to chat to the doormen – after all, if someone can tell you what goes on in the neighborhood, they are the ones who know!

Turns out, Matt, the doorman on duty at the HyattRegency Orlando, is a runner too. He told me which way to run so that I could get a safe 5k in and be back and showered before breakfast (thank you Matt!). I started at the Convention Center. It was dark all the way during my run, so the only sights I saw where the ones that were illuminated, like the Orlando Eye, which was lit up in a beautiful purple.

My run took me along Universal Boulevard, which was very quiet as one side of the street is lined by bushes and trees.  The I ran a short stretch along Sand Lake (which is not the best street to run on – too busy) and turned back onto International Drive. Universal and International have nice, well-paved side walks, which makes for a comfortable run. International has more traffic and is lined by hotels, shops, restaurants and other fun places.

Once the conference ended, the only thing on my schedule was to catch a plane, so I could sleep in and run in the morning. Turned out, my run in the dark made me overlook some enjoyable sights: Wonderworks, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Pointe Orlando to name a few. There’s a lot to see on this run so I definitely recommend a day time run. And don’t forget to stop and get a coffee from the lovely ladies in the Coffee Et Cetera at the Hyatt who remembered my name and my preferences after just one day!

The route I ran is pictured below. Happy Running!

Running in Orlando

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