Me and Moov: The App

A few weeks ago I bought a new tracker: Moov Now which I have been testing. And so far, it’s been a pretty good experience.

First, the tracker itself. As I wrote in my last blog, the tracker is small, lightweight and you will hardly notice it is there. I wear it on my ankle while running, and on my wrist during workouts and boxing and I have had no issues.


The App takes a bit of getting used to: there is a slider on top that tracks your daily activity (you’ll have to separately activate this). Your daily target is 30 minutes.

When you click on the arrow, you’ll be taken to the details of that day. Moov includes a Sleep Tracker, and if you wear it at night it will divide your sleep in Light and Restorative Sleep blocks. I’m not convinced that sleep tracking is accurate: Moov registered my winding time on the couch reading a book and added it to my sleep time, even though I got up, changed, brushed my teeth etc. Also, when I spent 8 hours on a plane (very awake!) that was registered as sleep. 

From the same screen it lets you scroll back to your activity overview of earlier days.

Via History at the bottom of the main screen you can find details of your completed Moov workouts (excluding open workouts). A Running Workout has 3 subscreens that detail Highlights (cadence & range of motion), Splits (the GPS view of your run broken down in kms) and Details (data like average pace, distance, calories burned etc). The Data is quite insightful with a lot of detail.

My Progress shows your personal progress in the form of badges and overall achievements. Nice if you are into gamification but not very informative otherwise. The Leaderboard allows you to share your achievements with your tribe and compete against them.

You can’t manually add details to workouts that you complete outside of the program. If you wear your Moov Now it will register activity and when you sync, that will show up in the daily overview. But you will not be able to tag the source of data, like a class.

I also noticed that non-workout activity tracking is somewhat unreliable. Below you’ll find an overview of a class I attend. Every class I wore Moov around my wrist and as you can see, the recordings of that class were quite different, varying between 24 and 53 minutes (it’s 50 minutes). So room for improvement.









In case you have questions, Moov offers a pretty thorough FAQ. Before I bought my Moov, I read through many of the questions to get a feel for the product and it helped me made up my mind.

Moov is only available as an iPhone App. Come on Moov, in this day and age, an iPad App should be available too. 

Happy Running!

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