Me and Moov: Circuit Training


If you are a regular visitor to my blog, you know that I travel quite often for work. And so today’s blog is about how I use my new tracker: Moov Now during trips. I certainly use Moov during my runs, but when I travel I don’t always have time to take an hour out of my […]

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Me and Moov: Boxing

copyright Moov

It’s time to branch out into other Workouts and put my new tracker: Moov Now to the test. Today’s blog will focus on another Workout that Moov gives you access to: Cardio Boxing! I visit a martial arts gym, so I am familiar with the terms that Moov uses in the workouts. If you have never boxed […]

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Me and Moov: The App

A few weeks ago I bought a new tracker: Moov Now which I have been testing. And so far, it’s been a pretty good experience. First, the tracker itself. As I wrote in my last blog, the tracker is small, lightweight and you will hardly notice it is there. I wear it on my ankle while […]

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Running with Moov

The irony of writing a blog on my new tracker right after I published a post how running without trackersĀ is more fun is not lost on me. But you could also say that if a tracker is able to convince me, it must be special! And yes, Moov is cool! I stumbled upon Moov Now […]

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BodyCombat meets Running

I run 3 times a week and because I think it’s important not be too focused on one sport, I combine running with BodyCombat training. I love the combination of martial arts moves and high energy music. While sweating through my combat class I started thinking that the upbeat combat songs might work very well during a […]

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One-Legged Standing for Better Sleep

I know what you are thinking: how canĀ one-legged standing improve sleep? Seriously, what are you thinking? Trust me, that was my first thought too when I stumbled upon this method. But since I was suffering from insomnia and desperate for sleep I decided this was a really cheap find, so why not? The method is […]

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