New Year’s Resolution

2017 has been a good running year. I was able to travel the world, explore great cities and run to my heart’s content. My year of travel stopped at December 15 and it’s been great to sleep in my own bed for a couple of weeks, visit with family and friends and reconnect over the holidays.

So at the last day of 2017 I wanted to thank all you readers of my blog, who travel the world with me and inspire me to keep running and give back in the form of 5k city runs.

As 2018 starts, my New Year’s Resolution is to inspire others to run. I started running to control my insomnia and so far the results have been great. I still have insomnia, but less frequent, and when I exercise and run, I feel good despite the fatigue. It’s still difficult to get up from the couch, but the feeling when you come back from your run is indescribable. It’s a sense of accomplishment and of pride, that you did it anyway.

So in January, when gyms will be crowded as lots of people flock in, let’s be kind and not complain about the wait to get on the tread mill. About people who take too long to set the equipment. Instead, reach out, welcome new gym members, help them along and encourage them to come back. It might be just what they need to stick to their resolution! And who knows, you might make a friend for life!

Happy Running in 2018!

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