Running in Zakynthos

Recently I went on a well-deserved break to one of the Greek isles: Zakynthos. It’s not very big and you are nowhere allowed to drive faster than 50km/hr so definitely relaxing!

We stayed in an off the beaten track apartment in the north of the island and we had a great time. And of course, after 2 days of relaxation I got itchy and needed to go for a run. Did I mention that our apartment was up on a hill? And that there was really only a dirt road leading up to it? Which our rental car barely made? Turns out, if you are used to running more or less on a flat surface – you’ve got your run in Zakynthos cut out for you.

Of course I could have gone and ran on the main road, but that was too dangerous considering no Greek driver really expects to meet a runner around the corner. So down the hill it was. I managed to run down and back up again and then decided once was enough. It was not really a road, more a collection of rocks and sand and not very stable. I did not want to sprain my ankle and risk spending the remainder of my vacation on a chair.

To complete my 5k I ran up and down the driveway until I was done. This might sound a bit boring, were it not for the marvellous view:


It’s not every day I get to look at the sea while running.

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