Running in Boston

Boston is one of my favourite cities in the world. Every time I get to visit, I try to add a couple of days to my trip. I like that I can walk many places and that there is history around every corner. Last time I was there I stayed in a hotel near the Aquarium. I was only going to stay 2 nights, so in those cases I don’t even try to adjust to a different time zone, I just stay on my own.

That usually means waking up at 4am to get out for a run. By the time I got up it was still dark so I decided to wait for sunrise, which was shortly after 5am. I used that time to map out my route, which needed to include the Boston Commons (of course!).

It was nice to be out that early, running around in a waking city. The trip from the Aquarium to the Commons includes a bit of a slope but nothing major, just a nice exercise. I was certainly not the only runner out that early. I zigzagged through the Public Gardens. The squirrels were out in full force and if you run this route, be careful because they have no fear. I don’t know what happens if you accidentally step on a tail but it can’t be good.

It was nice to cool down near the water at the end of my run and walk up and down the Waterfront until I was done.

Happy Running!

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