Running in La Linea

You’ve probably never heard of La Línea, but it’s the Spanish town that borders Gibraltar. It’s full name is La Línea de Concepcion. We were there to celebrate a family anniversary thanks to my Spanish relatives. It was the first time I visited and I hope to travel back for a longer stay as there was so much culture to discover.

La Linea is a small, very Spanish town. It’s a bit like time stood still. There are lots of great Spanish restaurants around the town square, which also has a lovely church. Well worth a visit.

Of course I went for a run. I started close to our hotel near the beach and I continued along the harbor. I ran past the Spanish-British border (it’s a real one, as the UK is not in the Schengen zone so bring your passport if you want to visit). You have a wonderful view of the Rock of Gibraltar and you might even see a plane land. You’ll hear them for sure. The Parque Municipal Princesa Sophia was on my left hand as I crossed over to the Mediterranean side of town.

I ran around the Estadio Municipal and turned around. I wanted to avoid downtown with its small roads so took a left after the Parque. And I also wanted to enjoy the view of the Rock some more. The final stretch of my run offered a splendid view of the Street of Gibraltar. The contrast between the more gentle Mediterranean water and the choppy Street of Gibraltar was the revelation of this route. Hope you’ll enjoy it too.

Happy Running!

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