Running in Deauville

If you want to know how the rich and famous live, I recommend you visit Deauville. It’s a small seaside town in Normandy and it’s one of most prestigious resorts in France. Luxury hotels, grand villas, designer shops, you’ll find it all there and you might even spot some celebrities.

Apart from all that fame, Deauville is also a lovely, well-preserved town with lots to see. So if you are in the area, it’s worth a visit.

Deauville has a lovely beach and a boulevard that is a runner’s dream. You run with the sea on one side and the Normandy villas on the other so an enjoyable view. As you can see from the picture, even though it was July, the weather wasn’t all that great, but you can always run.

The next day was sunny and I ran barefoot on the beach. The beach is surrounded by rocks on both ends, so you can run exactly 6k back and forth. It was great to feel the sand beneath my toes and the view is splendid.

Running barefoot wasn’t the best idea though. I hit my toe on a hidden stone which resulted in a blood blister the next day so did no more running that week.

Don’t let that keep you from running on the beach, just remember to bring your shoes!

Happy Running!


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