One-Legged Standing for Better Sleep

I know what you are thinking: how can one-legged standing improve sleep? Seriously, what are you thinking? Trust me, that was my first thought too when I stumbled upon this method. But since I was suffering from insomnia and desperate for sleep I decided this was a really cheap find, so why not?

The method is fairly simple: stand on one bent leg a few times a day until you can’t any longer. Say between 5 and 10 minutes, depending on in how good a shape you are. Alternate legs and repeat a few times during the day, making sure that there are at least 2 hours in between two efforts.

Observe what happens with your sleeping pattern. Do not do this just one day, repeat on a daily base for a week and then decide for yourself.

This method was designed by Seth Roberts. Unfortunately Seth passed away since. His mother graciously decided to keep his blog alive because it benefits so many people. Have a look at Seth’s original post, including the results of his randomized experiment.

And let me know if it works for you!

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